Sash Windows Dagenham Provide a Full Installation Service

Once Sash Windows Dagenham have completed the manufactoring of your windows or doors, we will find out the best day and time that is reasonable for you to start the installation process. During installtion Sash Windows Dagenham seek to reduce the level of draught and rattling ofen assocaited with sash windows whilst delivering tradional units with top quality funtioning.


Installation of Classic Sash Windows in Gaynes Parkway

All windows at Sash Windows Dagenham are fitted with top quality fasteners, weather strips and security locks. Sash Windows Dagenham experienced, qualified window fitters, will always ensure a perfect finish in your property that you are happy with.


Install of Classic Elegant Windows in Romford

The replacement of ageing windows will at all times be the final course of action, often Sash Windows Dagenham reconstruction methods can give you dramatic and sufficient results. Sash Windows Dagenham windows are at all times a mixture of state-of-the-art, excellent quality materials and the historic appearance and charm of the sash style window.

Sash Windows Dagenham are a Dagenham based company

Sash Windows Dagenham pride ourselves on Considering the condition of both our products but as well our setup program. Window replacment can potentially produce a lot of dust, our Sash Windows Dagenham fitters will always come equipped with dust sheets, vacuums and brushes to establish that your home is saved bright and hygienic.

Our team from Sash Windows Dagenham will at all times clean up any removed componants themselves. Our installers at Sash Windows Dagenham have extensive training craftsmen who can voice their expert opinion and options regarding your property's window requirements.

During the restoration or installation process, our team members at Sash Windows Dagenham will always express consideration for your house and leave it in an unstained and cherished state before leaving.

Following the installtion or restoration of your windows, you would own the option to express any concerns or problems with the Sash Windows Dagenham fitter themselves. At Sash Windows Dagenham, we will always execute the necessary restoration to the windows frame or sill, leaving you with a sash window that appears and works similar to novel .


Original sash windows can vary considerably in appearacne, style and size, meaning you will need to have your Sash Windows Dagenham installation process taliored to provide you with what you need. Small measures of preperation, such as taking down curtains and blinds, may be needed preceding our Sash Windows Dagenham fitters come to your property.